japan guide by Remoju

Super Express "Shinkansen" 

Reported by Rocky 

Faster, More convenient way to trip around Japan !

The Shinkansen, the bullet train, the super express, the high speed train of many names, and a staple of long distance transportation throughout the country. With speeds exceeding 300km/h (186mph), and a level of comfort and convenience that can’t be found through air travel. Watching the scenery fly past as you race through the countryside from one side of the country to the other is mesmerizing to watch from the windows.


The Freedom of the Rail 

Used extensively for business due to the ease of securing a seat and the relatively low cost compared to an airfare make it an extremely popular option, especially for those on a one day return trip. You can even purchase your ticket on the day of! It also shares great popularity as a method of transport for travellers, be they couples, friends or even families! There is even three levels of cabin available, similar to the economy class/business class/first class dichotomy often found in air travel. On my first trip to Japan, I was lucky enough to be able to secure a Japan Rail Pass in order to get unlimited train rides for a three week period, including the shinkansen. Travelling from Tokyo to Hokkaido in a single day thanks to the sheer speed (a distance of over 1200 km), was incredible to say the least. While not quite as fast as a plane, the comfort factor is just something that can NOT be overlooked! Not only are the seats wider, more comfortable and rearrangeable - there is much more legroom! Compared to air travel, comparative class option on the shinkansen feel like you're royalty!



More Convenientce Than Any Flights! 

Another added convenience is not having to go through any check-ins or wait for take offs and deal with the generally huge amount of delays that flights tend to incur.You simply hop on the train when it arrives; and trust me, it WILL be on time! From there it’s as simple as finding your seat, not knocking over anyones stuff and from there you’re just kicking back and relaxing. The added benefit of having the seats be rearrangeable is that if you’re in a  larger group, you can turn the chairs around to face each other, and it makes chatting together much easier!


No Trip Is Complete Without a Great Lunch

One of my favourite parts of the whole experience is “ekiben” a kind of Japanese bento lunch intended to be eaten on the bullet trains. Usually packed full with local favourites including fresh fruits, meats and vegetables, couple that with an ice cold Japanese beer or two and you are set for a great time. As they always say, it’s not about the destination, it’s all about the journey! You'll be having such a good time, you almost won’t even want to arrive at your destination!